We specialize in new home construction.

Many of our standard features are considered upgrades by other builders.  These items could include:

Double hung windows
9 foot ceilings on main floor
Poured concrete foundations
Dual heat pumps
Hardwood flooring on main floor
Sand plaster textured walls

Use these links for more information on:

Why build instead of buying a preexisting home?
Stick built versus modular
How do you figure cost/ how do you pay?
Timeline for construction

"I have heard people say they would never go through the headache of building a new home again.  I think that is a terrible shame.  Building your new home should be a wonderful experience.  It is where you will spend years building your life.  It is my mission to give you the best experience imaginable"     -Cat White
We use green building products and techniques.

Some green features we strive to use on our homes include:

Conditioned crawl space
Reuse or recycle of waste construction material
Pressure reducing faucets
Energy Star appliances
Additions/ Remodels

Need a new deck or roofing?  We, along with our quality network of subcontractors, offer a variety of services including but not limited to:

Carpentry   Painting
Roofing      Tree removal
Fencing      Excavation

We are licensed and insured and stand behind our work with a minimum one year guarantee.
"We have seen Cat's willingness to work hard to meet the needs of his buyers. He is open and honest and delivers a top notch product at a reasonable price."

-The Breedings, Walnut Creek

Why buy a new home versus a preexisting home?

There is no doubt that buying an older home can be a great choice for some buyers.  Some items a buyer may like include possibly getting more square footage for the money, an established neighborhood, a mature lawn complete with tall trees, and possibly lower personal property taxes.

The advantages to buying a preexisting home can also possibly be found in new construction, plus so much more.  For example:


Did you know, excluding the cost of land, you could build a new 1,900 square foot home for as little as $150,000?  The price for a new construction home can be influenced by many factors and every home is different.  It is our goal to give you the most house for your money and create equity.  It is also worth noting that with new home construction it is possible to build with no money down.  Please see the below section on figuring cost and how to pay.

Design you own home!

Even when you find the perfect house plan you may want to make a few changes.  Moving the laundry from one floor to another, creating a pantry, what ever you want; its your home!

Everything is new!

When purchasing a preexisting home you need to be careful you are not purchasing someone else's problems.  With new our new construction homes you are given a one year warranty on the home, five years warranty on the foundation, plus all appliances and hvac systems come with there own warranties from their manufacturers.

Stick built versus modular

A stick built home is one that is entirely built on site.  Materials are sent to the home site and erected.  A modular home is mostly built at another location and shipped in parts to the home site where it is assembled.

Modular homes have been around for quite a while and their construction quality has come a long way.  Many general contractors will say modulars are inferior to stick built homes but honestly that is not always the case.  I have friends in the modular home sector and know they have fine quality products but I have found that a home built by RA Home Builders offer some advantages including:


While every home is different we have found that most times our stick built homes are built faster and cheaper than the competitors modulars.  When shopping for a modular or when doing price comparisons be sure to do your homework.  There are many modulars that will be listed as "turn key" from as little as $60 a square foot.  Most "turnkey modulars", where everything you need for your home is included, really are not turnkey.  Be sure to ask if the price includes:

Land surveying, zoning, building permits, water/ sewer lines and hooking up to the municipal water and sewer or septic and well, excavation, footers, foundation, garage, driveway, sidewalk, steps to the front door, electric meter/ hooking up to the power company's lines, yard grading, yard seeding, landscaping, deck, and/or a porch.

Many of the above items are considered add ons and will run your price up with a modular.  With a RA home all those items are standard (except when our client wishes to remove an item such as a porch).

More areas to build in:

While I agree that the construction of most modulars is on par with stick built homes many new subdivisions still have rules restricting modular homes.

How do you figure cost/ pay?

I have found there are dozens of ways general contractors will estimate there job costs and bill their clients.  For new home construction RA Home Builders offers three general ways to contract services listed below.  Each have there own advantages. 
Please contact us for any questions regarding the following.


In a turnkey operation RA Home Builders will take care off all aspects of building the home including obtaining financing, purchasing land, and building the home.  The client would need to meet certain conditions including qualifying with a lender for the contracted price of the home, sign a contract to purchase the home, and choose a lot that meets RA's standards for a turn key operation.  The client would pay no money until the home is complete and a certificate of occupancy has been given for the home.  This option is the best choice for clients that do not want to take on any burden concerning the building of the home.  It however is the most expensive option since RA Home Builders will be taking on the burden of financing the project and the risk of carrying the home in the event that the contract is broken (such as if the client has a change in income and can no longer qualify for his/her loan).

Lump Sum:

A lump sum contract is very similar to a turnkey project with the exception that the client will obtain financing and pay RA Home Builders in installments throughout the construction process.  The client will choose his/her lot, house plan, and any upgrades.  RA Home Builders will present a price to complete the project.  If the client agrees a contract will be signed detailing the agreement.  The client will purchase the lot and have a deed to the property and all improvements made (home) from the very start.  RA would be paid a down payment before construction begins, usually 25%, and be paid in installments through out the construction process with the final payment being due at project completion.  This is the most common way of contracting services to build a new home.  It, with few exceptions, guarantees the client the job will be completed at the predetermined price no matter what.  This option is cheaper for the client than the Turnkey but more expensive than the last option, Cost Plus since RA will be taking on some risk concerning the building process such as unforeseen costs or material cost increases.

Cost Plus:

The final option for building is the most economical.  Cost Plus saves the client money by taking most risk and some burden from the builder, RA, and shifts them to the client.  The client is responsible for obtaining financing just like in the Lump Sum contract.  Unlike the Lump Sum however there is no guaranteed price for services.  RA would present a contract to the client with an estimate for completing the work but the client would be responsible for paying the actual costs plus percentage mark up (usually 10-15%) to RA Home Builders.   While this option will save the client money in contractor fees it does open the possibility for greater costs to the client in material and subcontractor labor.  To help protect the client RA Home Builders puts into the contract bonuses to be paid to RA if the project is completed on or under budget and on time.

Regardless of which option a client chooses to take advantage of our goal is to give the client as much equity in there home as possible.  It is possible to create enough equity in the home to build with no money down.  For example: a client contracts RA Home Builders to build a new 2,000 square foot home; RA will also be purchasing the land.  The total project cost is $220,000.  The client's lender does an appraisal for the home (before construction) and finds the home and lot to have a projected value of $280,000.  Based on the client's application, and the type of loan they choose with their lender, the bank is able to lend to the clients up to 80% of the appraised value which comes to $224,000.  The clients will have enough money from there construction loan to build with no money down.  Please note this is just an example of one of many possible scenarios you could have.  Please see the below timeline for construction for more information on when to visit lenders.  If our clients need help in finding a quality lender we would be happy to introduce them to one of our fine lending partners.

Timeline for construction:

This timeline will give the you a general overview of the construction process with information on RA Home Builders standards and possible upgrades.  Please note that every home is different and this timeline is to serve a general guide.