Deck Construction.  Craig County
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Adding or updating/replacing a deck is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to add beauty and value to your home.Here, outside New Castle VA, we removed an old and rotting deck and replaced it with a larger, safer, and simply fantastic looking covered back porch/deck.On every remodel job, we take care of everything for our clients, from permits, zoning, to clean up and removal.Care was taken when the old deck was removed so that all vinyl siding removed could be reinstalled.The old deck had a lean to shed roof.  A hip roof was put on the new deck giving more head room and allowing for a larger deck.This deck was built above and beyond current building code requirements.Can lighting was placed in the vinyl ceiling.  Outdoor electrical outlets were also installed.We used vinyl handrails and pickets as well as composite decking to give the homeowners a nearly maintenance free deck.Privacy lattice was placed under the deck.  A gate in the center gives access to outdoor storage space.
Adding or updating a deck is an easy and cost effective way to add value and beauty you can enjoy.
WINDOW REPLACEMENT, PULASKI.  Click through the slide show for more information.
This project is a perfect example why hiring a licensed contractor (versus a part time handyman) is worth the cost.  A simple changing of windows became not so simple when we found under the brick was more brick and concrete (as opposed to a framed wall).  Expert carpenters and brick masons made all the difference.
The original window was about 3' x 5'.  We changed that to a double window measuring 5'6"x3'2".We originally thought the wall was plaster over wooden slats.  We found concrete, brick, and more brick.A concrete saw was used to cut away the section for the new window.Great care was taken to protect the interior of the home from the brick dust that was created.The new window is a double hung window from Silverline.  It makes for easy cleaning.A wooden frame was made in the area where the old window came down lower.The old brick was carefully removed and used to rebuild the exterior wall so new brick (that might not match) did not have to be used.Expert masons did a great job of framing the window and getting the bricks back into position.The inside and outside of the home was cleaned.  The wall was washed and checked for leaks.  This work came with a one year warranty.

In this home in Chrisitansburg we replaced water damaged base trim in two basement rooms wich we also repainted.

A blue accent wall really set off one ot the rooms.
This home in Pembroke was in need of two concrete steps and a sidewalk from the driveway to existing steps on the front porch.

Steps were also added on the rear of the porch.
This home had a nice sliding glass door on the rear of the home that went no where.  A 40 foot by 12 foot deck was built with a third being under an A roof.  The covered portion has a vinyl soffit ceiling, a ceiling fan, and an electrical outlet.  New siding and shingles were matched to the existing house.  The left front corner of the deck was built lower and stronger to hold a hot tub.
This home needed a new roof.  When the old shingles were removed some bad boards and flashing was found.  Before we leave we are sure all RA roofs are properly shingles, ice and water shield is used where needed, proper drip edge is in place, new felt paper is used, yard is searched with a magnet to remove nails, and the roof has a one year installation warranty on top of the material's warranty.